In-Store Range

We stock a wide variety of products at our in-store locations. (Sorry, not available for online shipping at the moment – but if you’re really keen on something send us a message and we will do out best to see if we can help.) 

While in-store selection may vary, our products include a wide variety of your favourite brands for: 

o Spices & Seasonings

o Sauces

o Marinades

o Vinegars

o Biscuits

o Jams, Jellies & Peanut Butter

o Tinned Fruit

o Tinned Veg - including Braai Relish and a large range of Chakalaka varieties 

o Breakfast cereals – including baby 

o Chips / Savoury snacks

o Chutneys

o Soups & Gravies 

o Maize, rice and legume products 

o Candy /Confectionary

o Tea and Coffee 

o Dried fruit snacks

o Sodas

o Cordials 

o Soft drinks

o Beer